Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s great Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics 2018

Learning Web Design:
Learning Web Design:

Learning Web Design is a Beginner’s great Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web GraphicsIf you travel to Silicon Valley and navigate between the global headquarters of some of the world’s most famous internet companies, you can head to the Computer History Museum. Wander through the museum, past the ancient mainframes and the story of the punch card, and you’ll eventually find yourself at the beginning of the Wide World Web.

There’s a copy of the Mosaic browser on a floppy disk tucked in a book of the same name, a copy of Netscape Navigator that was sold in a box, and something called “Internet in a Box,” the #1 best-selling internet solution for Windows. Then there are the websites. Some of the earliest, most notable, and most important websites are on permanent display, including something called the “Global Network Navigator,” from 1993. It was designed by none other than the author of this book, Jennifer Robbins.

Long before most of us had any idea the web existed, or even before many of you were born, Jen was busy designing the first commercial website. She’s been there from the very beginning, and has watched, taught, and written about every stage of evolution of the web.

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Learning Web Design : A Beginner’s Guide to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web Graphics

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