Braiding Sweetgrass:2013

Braiding Sweetgrass

BraidingSweetgrass Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge, and the Teachings of Plants is a 2013 nonfiction book by Potawatomi professor Robin Wall Kimmerer, about the role of Indigenous knowledge as an alternative or complementary approach to Western mainstream scientific methodologies. You can get more good educational books and other essential pdf’s in  pdfsurfer  and one such is Braiding Sweetgrass .

BraidingSweetgrass Indigenous Wisdom, Science Understanding, and Plant Teachings is about botany and how Native American customs relate to the land. Kimmerer, a Citizen Potawatomi Nation enrolled member, talks about her own encounters with working with plants and reconnecting with her people’s cultural practises. She also provides a scientific viewpoint on the history of plants and botany.

Braiding Sweetgrass

File name : Braiding-Sweetgrass_-Indigenous-Wisdom-Scientific-Knowledge-and-the-Teachings-of-Plants-PDFDrive-.pdf

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